Feed Mixer Machine Price Double Shaft Ribbon Feed Blending Machine

Main Power:11KW three phases
power type:electricity
Capacity:500-30000 kg/h
used for: blending powder materials,foods,animal feed
raw materials:grains,manure,straw meal,alfalfa,bone meal etc


Double shaft paddle feed mixer is more used in animal feed plant because of  its short mixing time which is about 30-120 seconds per batch and more homogeneous mixture. The objective of mixing is to create a completely homogeneous blend to improve the feed performance, it can blend the ingredients such as main raw feedstock powder,vitamin,amino acid,trace elements and drug well for animal,chicken,cow,goat,pig growth with good heath.double shaft paddle feed blending machine, also called Horizontal Non-gravity Mixer, it is an advanced blending machine with high efficiency, high uniformity, high intensity, low energy consumption and low pollution. The feed blender machine is widely used for blending powder-powder and powder-granule,which is especially suitable for materials with big difference in specific gravity or particle size.The double shaft blending machine is widely used in industries such as food, feedstuff, chemical, fertilizer etc.

feed blender machine price

The  double shaft paddle feed blending machine realizes high mixing capacity with a relative small mixer content. The double shaft paddle feed mixer machine has a mixing time, depending on the product type and quantity, from 30 to 120 seconds. The feed mixer machine are available with capacities from 250-3000 kilograms per batch. The mixing accuracy meets the very stringent requirements, while damage to products is prevented because of extra wide bomb doors. This ensures a residue and dust free design, due to unique sealing principle. The success of this fast mixing principle is a result of the fluidized zone, in which the particles have a complete freedom of movement. Therefore they are able to mix themselves homogeneously in a state of weightlessness.this double paddle feed blending machine are designed for mixing dry powders and granulates irrespective of their bulk density or shape. Liquids can be added during the mixing process.

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How a this feed mixer machine work?

In the feed mixer machine, two shafts are positioned in a double drum housing on which series of blades are fixed.The two shafts rotate at a specific peripheral speed in opposite direction while paddle on each shaft overlap in the middle of mixer.
It lifts all the ingredients in the middle and create flowing zone by neutralizing gravitational force working on particles of different ingredients have different shape,size and density.Hence,a very homogeneous product is received.The next step is to discharge the highly homogeneous material form the mixer without segregation.For this, materials is discharged very quickly with the help of two pneumatically operated large bottom discharge doors.

advantages of double shaft paddle feed mixer machine

1.The production efficiency is high, the mixing time is short, and the power consumption of tonnage is small.

2.the double shaft paddle feed mixer machine has high mixing uniformity, coefficient of variation cv<=5%.

3.It is not easy to produce segregation when mixing materials with different physical properties such as specific gravity, particle size and shape.

4.this feed mixer machine is equipped with liquid adding system, it can add various liquids (water, grease, and sweetness).

5.Filling full coefficient variable range from 40%-140%.

feed blender for sale

6.Bottom open door technology, quick discharge and the residue is very low.

7.this feed blending machine is equipped with safety interlocking device to protect personal safety.

8.Carbon steel, stainless steel and other different materials can be selected.

9.It is widely used in feed, additives, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, dyestuff and food industries.

10. this feed mixer machine has highly mixing speed and short mixing cycle with 30-120s per batch of material.

technical specification of double shaft paddle mixer machine

Main Power(kw)5.51118.53045
Mixing time/batch(s)30-120 30-120 30-120 30-120 30-120

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