feather extruder machine price

Feather Extruder Machine For Sale Extruding Chicken Feather,duck Feather

Competitive price: With a complete production system, good cooperation with upstream companies
Long service life.:The main components are all made of alloy materials,which are durable and wear-resistant.
Best processing effect: the feather extruder machine has automatic temperature control, fully processing.


how to deal with a large amount of waste feathers for poultry farmers is a key point issue. Most of chicken feather waste is burned or buried, which is bad to the environment. Poultry feathers can be a valuable feed material resource. The key point is how to process it.
The nutritional value of feather meal varies depending on the processing technology.The crude protein content of hydrolyzed feather meal was 71%, the protein content of enzymatic feather powder was 82.6%,and the crude protein content of expanded feather powder was 93.55%. Compared with the feather raw powder, the pepsin digestibility of the treated feather meal was significantly improved. In addition to low levels of lysine, methionine, histidine and tryptophan, feather meal is rich in other amino acids, especially cysteine,proline, arginine, isoleucine and threonine. In fish meal. Feather meal contains 0.45% to 2.02% calcium, 0.57% to 0.72% phosphorus, and 0.84mg/kg selenium. It also contains VB12 and unknown growth factors. The value in farming applications is very high.

feather extruder machine for sale price

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